It’s a Girl!

Yup!  Justin had a puppy.  It’s a girl.

justin and anja

Somehow, we’ve had this little cutie around for five weeks now!

Little Anja is a Native American Indian Dog and quite the little character.  Seriously, she is the smartest dog I’ve ever encountered.  Justin got her after years of breed research and has trains her like its his job.  She’s hypo-allergenic (!), doesn’t shed or stink, will be 80-100 lbs of amazingness, is very attached to her owner, and remarkably intelligent.  She loves long walks in the snow with her Daddy and can’t wait to come to Mimi and Papa’s to play.  She immediately recognized the need to be much more gentle with the babies than anyone else and gently kisses Avie, and gently plays with Josie.  We are loving every minutes of the whole thing – especially the part where we don’t have to clean up the messes.

anja cow

Justin brought her with us to the Copper Dog 150 dog sled race kick-off and boy, did she get the attention!  People were taking pictures of her everywhere we turned and flocking to the two of them.  She draws a lot of attention due to her unique beauty.

anja copperdog

In other news, we survived the winter and somehow, spring is surprising us! Not just because it is again a bit early this year, but because most of us weren’t really minding the  3 1/2 feet of snow.


snow deck snow gazebo snowman

I guess we’re officially locals now.  We do meet the neatest people and are finding that we are recognized here and there as regulars so that helps us feel settled.

Christian and I had a little getaway to the nearest *big city.*  He surprised me one morning by telling me to pack a bag, we were leaving in an hour to get away for the night.  One night easily turned into two as we explored the city and found the neatest farm to table restaurants and just enjoyed being best friends.  Makes us even more excited as we plan a little more of a getaway for our 25 anniversary coming in a couple months!!!!!!

The boys have been busy re-furbishing the little Finnish shed in our yard.

shed sunset

In case you missed it, we started our own company a year ago, April 1st, and we need a storage area for the business.  The former owners used it for garbage which is super sad because it’s a terrific and historical building!


We even found initials carved into it from three children — the dates were from 1919-1923!   It is almost completely gutted, new floors, new walls, and will be ready to go very soon!  This led to gutting the garage and organizing all of the storage items from our former basement, and that feeling that it’s time to get everything in order.  Yup!  Sounds like springtime, eh?

Also, the boys have been tapping some of our myriad maple trees. We have been drinking the sap (quite the healthy drink, it turns out), and Justin has been the maple syrup chef working on making that sugary treat for us!

We’ve been dreaming of inside projects now that the furnace system and drain field system have been repaired.  Lots of flooring and furniture and kitchen stores have been visited!  Hopefully, over the next year or so, we are able to refresh our living space and make it ours.

Everyone is happy and healthy and thankful up here on the farm.  And eating lots of  gorgeous eggs.  :o)


Two new babies and some ball dropping

Man, I really dropped the ball, didn’t I? This was supposed to be a way for those interested in keeping up with our happenings to keep up, and I haven’t posted since deer season, and driver’s training, and five birthdays, and a grandbaby’s birth, and Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, and New Years! Gosh — what in the world was I doing this whole time?

Seriously, we have just now come up for air and had our first *normal* two weeks since the middle of October.

And now that we are here, pretty much just one word applies.


Kinda forgot that part where you shiver in the middle of yourself. And the delightful panic when your hand sticks to the handle of the front door of your house the second you touch it. And the desperate begging you offer your bed when the blankets just will NOT warm the feet even with a heated corn bag and socks.

But there’s something cozy and comforting in the predictability of winter. No need to check the forecast, really. Not exactly gonna have a beach day rained out. Nope. Cold today. Cold tomorrow. Cold next week. We’re just waiting for it to warm up to double digits so we can enjoy some sledding in the yard.

And how about the cool blue light of a snowy morning.

image image

Or maybe snuggling a sweet-smelling baby and warming each other under a soft, pink blankie.


There’s just no hurry to make any hay while the sun is shining.

Nope. These days, we snowblow, collect eggs several times a day (so they don’t freeze), do our respective jobs, and then maybe play a game of Euchre with the fireplace on. Or watch some Downton Abbey sans the guilt for sitting; because really, that’s what there is to do mid-January in one of the coldest, snowiest inhabited towns in the U.S.of A.

And prepare for an adorable furry new tiny family member arriving within, oh, about 17 days or so. I’ll give you a hint. Most likely it’s breath will smell a little skunky. Brace yourself. Adorable pics will surely be flooding the next post. Not sure you’ll be able to stand it. And the nicest part, my sweet man and I are the grandparents of the little one. You know what that means whether canine or human!? All of the pleasure, none of the responsibility!

There are most definitely perks to getting past the ages of the young ones. Now, where did I put my hot bag and slippers? Granny needs to rest.