Two new babies and some ball dropping

Man, I really dropped the ball, didn’t I? This was supposed to be a way for those interested in keeping up with our happenings to keep up, and I haven’t posted since deer season, and driver’s training, and five birthdays, and a grandbaby’s birth, and Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, and New Years! Gosh — what in the world was I doing this whole time?

Seriously, we have just now come up for air and had our first *normal* two weeks since the middle of October.

And now that we are here, pretty much just one word applies.


Kinda forgot that part where you shiver in the middle of yourself. And the delightful panic when your hand sticks to the handle of the front door of your house the second you touch it. And the desperate begging you offer your bed when the blankets just will NOT warm the feet even with a heated corn bag and socks.

But there’s something cozy and comforting in the predictability of winter. No need to check the forecast, really. Not exactly gonna have a beach day rained out. Nope. Cold today. Cold tomorrow. Cold next week. We’re just waiting for it to warm up to double digits so we can enjoy some sledding in the yard.

And how about the cool blue light of a snowy morning.

image image

Or maybe snuggling a sweet-smelling baby and warming each other under a soft, pink blankie.


There’s just no hurry to make any hay while the sun is shining.

Nope. These days, we snowblow, collect eggs several times a day (so they don’t freeze), do our respective jobs, and then maybe play a game of Euchre with the fireplace on. Or watch some Downton Abbey sans the guilt for sitting; because really, that’s what there is to do mid-January in one of the coldest, snowiest inhabited towns in the U.S.of A.

And prepare for an adorable furry new tiny family member arriving within, oh, about 17 days or so. I’ll give you a hint. Most likely it’s breath will smell a little skunky. Brace yourself. Adorable pics will surely be flooding the next post. Not sure you’ll be able to stand it. And the nicest part, my sweet man and I are the grandparents of the little one. You know what that means whether canine or human!? All of the pleasure, none of the responsibility!

There are most definitely perks to getting past the ages of the young ones. Now, where did I put my hot bag and slippers? Granny needs to rest.

2 thoughts on “Two new babies and some ball dropping

  1. Oh my! I’m gonna be a great grandma to something/someone!! Yipee! Skunky breath and all!! Who might be getting an addition? I’m thinking Justin is getting a puppy! Right or wrong, I’ll be there in June to see!!


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